Small Business Web Hosting

5.32 / month

Shared hosting, perfect for small business websites with low levels of traffic. Includes HTTPS certificate & automatic daily backups. Affordable, reliable & efficient. Everything you need from a server to host a small business website with thousands of visitors per month.

Lower Costs With Shared Hosting
Pay for virtual server space on a shared server, instead of paying for an entire server.

Fast & Reliable
We guarantee 99.99% availability of your server. Up to 2GB of memory, 25GB fast SSD storage and unlimited data transfer. Your server will remain super-fast*, even during peak times.

Daily Site Backups
Keep your website and customer data safe with automatic daily backups.

European Servers
Located in Manchester, UK, our servers are ideal for businesses across Europe. Faster load times across Europe, easily available support and GDPR compliant data storage.

HTTPS Security Certificate
Secures your website and displays a green padlock symbol in the address bar. Required for all e-commerce websites. Can boost your search ranking and build customer trust.

*Website speed and reliability is also dependent on factors other than your server, for example, site traffic, file sizes and code quality. Chat to us for advice.

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