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Our mission is to make web design, website maintenance and digital marketing easy for businesses of all sizes.

FlyingFish.ie is a web design and digital marketing agency based in Dublin, Ireland. We’re passionate about harnessing digital technologies to help businesses grow. We do this through digital excellence, continuous improvement and being relentlessly user-focused design. With the right digital strategy, even the smallest business can see benefits.

We specialise in WordPress projects, though we have experience in other systems as well. Our clients are often small local businesses looking to upgrade their websites, and startups looking to develop early stage websites for proof of concept. 


Our Network of Experts

We work with both in-house experts and external consultants and freelancers. If we can’t solve a problem for you, we will usually know someone who can!

Zhuo Wang

Zhuo Wang

Digital Design Consultant

One of Ireland’s leading digital marketing designers, Zhuo has won numerous awards.

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Zhuo’s work includes email newsletter designs, static and animated website banners, social media graphics and UI/UX designs.

An illustrator and digital visual artist, Zhuo has also worked on several mobile apps and games, as well as on children’s programmes for the BBC, RTÉ and Nickelodeon. He also designs digital backdrops for Ireland’s biggest pantomine shows each year at Dublin’s Gaiety Theatre.

He has worked at Camelot Global (i-National lottery), EA (POPCAP), Full Tilt, HMH, Boulder Media, Kavaleer and more.


Ella Copeland

Ella Copeland

Digital Marketing Consultant

Creating brilliant marketing campaigns to help businesses succeed online.

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Ella is an expert in MailChimp, WordPress, Google Analytics, SEO, Adwords, PhotoShop, InDesign and more.

In the last five years, Ella has edited three online publications, run a political campaign, stood for election, worked for Google, and run email communications for one of Ireland’s biggest tech companies.

Paul Dunne

Paul Dunne

Web Design | Founder

Building and upgrading business websites to take full advantage of the mobile web.


Paul worked as a freelance web designer and multimedia content consultant before founding Flying Fish. He is passionate about how small businesses can harness technology to reach new markets and level the playing field in the face of much bigger competitors.

Beyond website design, Paul has worked on multimedia projects for Amazon, Google, eBay and Salesforce, and managed online content for Ireland’s National Lottery website. In his spare time he runs camapigns around privacy rights and EU politics, including https://uktostay.eu

James McCann

James McCann

Public Relations Partner

Founder of ClearStory International public relations agency.


James works with the world’s most promising startups and internationally focused businesses to build their profiles and tell their stories.

Our partnership with ClearStory International guarantees high quality service for our clients’ PR budgets at a fraction of the usual cost.



Éadaoin Curtin

Éadaoin Curtin

Firechild Photography

Éadaoin helps business owners who are struggling to stand out in a crowded marketplace.


Éadaoin works with them to craft a powerful visual brand by capturing their authentic one-of-a-kind
energy and personality with amazing photos and headshots.

Éadaoin’s entire life, from the age
of 9, has been about photographing people from all walks of life. Having studied design before finding her way into photography, authenticity and integrity are at the core of her work.

She truly believes that blending in is simply not an option; imagery that connects with people is vital -especially in this era of social media and instant impact!

Find out more at: firechildphotography.com

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